What’s So Funny About Killing Hookers?

Hooker1  Killin' hoes 'cuz they ain't got souls. I guess creators of this page either didn't learn the first time or they've inspired other ignorant buffoons to make more pages just like the one many people shouted against before.

Report it. This is disgusting.


Hooker2  Unlike the first page that promoted killing hookers, this page uses only CG images that would be somehow less offensive that the first real-life man strangling a woman on a bed. As I write, this page already has garnered over 5000 fans.

Is the fantasy or the mockery of killing sex trade workers that hysterical? Or that erotic? Are people really that selfish that they would put their own fantasies and jokes ahead of the fact that this is a real issue happening to men and women and children around the world? Do these people realize they are placing themselves in the categories of pedophiles… murderers… slave-holders? Or is that the buzz?

Get the message already: this is WRONG. And yes, there still exists and right and a wrong in our world today. And being wrong or naughty or silly in this context is beyond inappropriate. You people are promoting violence and murder against other people. That's a crime.

Prepared to do the time?

Get it now?

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