The New Monastics

The simple way sun  It's not enough to attend church on Sundays, to write checks of charity, or to make claims I may or may not have the chance to back up.

In a loud, raucous world where time is eaten away in gluttony, I must fast from busy obesity and meditate… contemplate… pray… bow before God.

Men, women and children have spirits that are shrieking for nothing new…
… they are shrieking for something conceived in the first breath of creation

Orthodoxypraxis… two together in union of faith and action consumed with the Spirit of the Living God.

Ah yes… community. As the Father, Son and Holy Spirit commune in perfection, so our souls search and seek and sob for that very life force.

And thus it was given "for God so loved the world"…

In a world of slaves, to free them into money? Shout I free them into new chains…


Slaves must thrive as the un-slaved must thrive: weapons down, arms wide, coats shared, food served, Christ embodied.

It is not enough anymore to say I live like the dusty life of Christ.

I must imitate.

Not to dangle a foreplay of sincere flattery, but to wander behind the Master's steps… clutch His robe… rise with Him to bow before a Father of heavenly lights who does not change like those shifty, shifty shadows… feed the hungry… give what I have… free the oppressed.

Oh God, may Your freedom be mine.

Shane claiborne  The following 12 points are taken from The Simple Way's statements of faith and action. Shane Claiborne (above, author of "The Irresistible Revolution) co-founded the community living out its faith in Jesus Christ in Philadelphia, USA. (sun logo at top taken from

12 Marks of New Monasticism

1) Relocation to the abandoned places of Empire.

2) Sharing economic resources with fellow community members and the needy among us.

3) Hospitality to the stranger

4) Lament for racial divisions within the church and our communities combined with the active pursuit of a just reconciliation.

5) Humble submission to Christ’s body, the church.

6) Intentional formation in the way of Christ and the rule of the community along the lines of the old novitiate.

7) Nurturing common life among members of intentional community.

8) Support for celibate singles alongside monogamous married couples and their children.

9) Geographical proximity to community members who share a common rule of life.

10) Care for the plot of God’s earth given to us along with support of our local economies.

11) Peacemaking in the midst of violence and conflict resolution within communities along the lines of Matthew 18.

12) Commitment to a disciplined contemplative life.

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