How Did Your Freedom Sunday Look?!

Freedom sunday 2010 banner

was the very first Freedom Sunday – February 21, 2010. Churches from
Canada, Poland, Uganda, Pakistan, Denmark, India, Thailand, the UK,
South Africa, Australia, the USA, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands,
Jamaica, China and Vietnam
all came together to intercede on behalf of those living in slavery today and to worship the One True God as the Author of Freedom. Yes, even at the risk of their own lives, members of Asian house churches declared before God with the authority of Christ: "NO MORE!" and what a weekend it has been…

I stood before my church today and gave a brief synopsis over what is happening in the world today…

… that the average price of a person around the world is $90

… that slavery happens in every country, despite being illegal

… that believers around the globe are taking a stand for freedom.

Ever hear "He Reigns" by Newsboys? This could have been a time for me to show video clips of disturbing images or statistics, information about the new global slave trade, or testimonials from survivors. But God was moving in our church differently today. He wanted the focus on HIM. If we were to see how He intends to free His people, our worship had to begin with our Lord and Saviour — Jesus Christ. 

Afterwards, we prayed… we prayed for the devastation in Haiti and the increase in child slavery there. We prayed for the people being raised up to fight the new slave trade. We prayed for the perpetrators, that they may know the justice and mercy of God. We prayed for all people being caught in the middle. And we prayed for all victims caught in slavery right now… that they may be free to know the salvation of Jesus Christ.


So… how did your faith community celebrate Freedom Sunday 2010? We want to hear about it! Leave us a comment and share with all of us your family's part in the pursuit of freedom.

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