Givin’ Up the Grumps

Angryboy  Ever have one of those days? How about having one of those weeks? How about have one of those LIVES??? Sitting in the office, out on the job, trying to do devotions, DRIVING, dealing with life, kids, spouses, school, church… and being joyful? What gives? We're not supposed to worry? We're supposed to get rid of every kind of malice?


I mean come on! Jesus certainly meant to get rid of the LOGICAL stuff. Yelling at the old lady in the slow car in front of me is kind of not necessary, but yelling at that stupid speeder who could get us all KILLED is totally justified!!!!!

Is it?

Well… nooooo… not really (sigh… but that guy should still slow down. It WAS a school zone after all).

Check out:

40 Days without negativity. Christ-centered. Spirit-filled.

Don't really need a website to help a believer do this. Don't really NEED a program for everything.

But just imagine… a world full of believers committing to 40 negativity-free days. And on past into life forever.

The world would be asking "Who are YOU, and what have you done with the Christians?!"

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