No, Saskatchewan Didn’t Make Stelmach an Offer

Alberta Not For Sale license plate  Believe me, those people in Regina tried but we of Wild Rose Country wouldn't be bought! BC sure came close though. Alberta has everything except an ocean view… 😉

Seriously, the Not For Sale Campaign ( is right here in Alberta! I currently act as the provincial director and our Canadian National Director also of western fame. Check out of Facebook page (!/group.php?gid=112940043488)and join up! We're looking for volunteers to host things like Freedom Sunday (, come to Global Advocacy Days (, help out in their homes, schools, churches, communities, sports teams and more. 

There are so many opportunities to help end slavery in our lifetime. Click on the main Not For Sale site to find events you can attend that will increase your knowledge and awareness about issues surrounding human trafficking. Take a minute to check out the Freedom Store and the amazing items made by survivors of slavery and organizations trying to put an end to it. Meet other abolitionists from around the world and hear how they're making a difference right in their own backyards.

We look forward to meeting you!


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