An Abolitionist with Heart

Sarah Durfey

This is Sarah Durfey — another one of my compatriots from Not For Sale's Abolitionists Investigators' Academy #1, San Francisco, California. Co-director of NFS Massachusetts, Sarah has a gentle passion that amazes everyone she meets. Knowing the mantle God has placed upon her shoulders, Sarah seeks to love and obey Him in every facet of her life. She never lets go. She never gives up. And yet that enduring spirit feels so peaceful and calm when you shake her hand, watch her listen to others in a conversation, hear her encouragement at just at the right time.

Slavery seems often to come in a whirlwind, overpowering in its suffering and heartbreak. But day by day, Sarah seeks the face of God and carries on. And simply it is just that: carrying on. I have come to love and respect Sarah the more I get to know her. As time goes on, I am seeing similar journeys the two of us have been put upon — talking the hand of Christ and boldly establishing His righteousness where He leads. We both know the hardships, the frustrations, the calamity… but also the newness, the transformation, the power and the kingdom that is forever. We know the love that is far holier than the one word could ever suggest.

If you want to know more about Sarah and her plans with NFS, go to

Also… Sarah and her crew are working on a beautiful fundraiser — abolitionist art turned into greeting cards. And I can personally attest to their beauty, and to the power they have once given to a person. The two examples below are Sarah's own work:

The hidden face_Sarah Durfey   The swinger_Sarah Durfey 

Check it out on Facebook under: Cards for Freedom

They are 6 for $12 and 12 for $24.

Thanks, Sarah, for being such a dedicated inspiration. Walk on.

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