An Abolitionist with Soul

Mary mckay 

Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased and proud to introduce to you a very talented jazz musician — Mary Mckay. No one could see me tonight, but this evening during her radio interview on "Jazzology", I was skipping about like a wee fairy. I, and fellow listening abolitionists, were so proud! It was magic.

Mary and her husband are the Not For Sale directors for Ontario. I met Mary during the first ever Abolitionist Investigators Academy in San Francisco last spring. Being a fellow Canadian, we shyly scoped one another out, began swapping stories, and me… having the social skills of a marshmallow… I kind of stepped back just to watch everyone and see where I'd fit.

Mary plunged right in, fluttered across the old piano in the parlour, hunted through thrift stores with us, introduced us all to the yummiest fair trade/organic chocolate cake in the world… and had us jamming with San Fran cops at one point. Her voice has a radiant melting quality that both soothes your spirit and lifts you skyward.

Within these passionate vocals is a cry for freedom. Mary and Johnny (husband), both are fighting alongside the global movement to end slavery. So when she croons "I go to the Rock of my salvation…", I hear the faith behind the sound. I hear the faith IN the sound. Music has a life of its own and Mary captures that life in her song, just as the Life of all life has captured her.

Well done, Mary. Both you and Johnny keep up the good fight!

For a taste of Mary's music, go to

You won't regret it!

Mary mckay2


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  1. Erin

    It certainly is, Suzie-Q!!! It was the most stupendous of all chocolate cakes ever to have been baked in all of history… even better because it was shared with dear friends FOR a dear friend!!


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