Shel Silverstein, Meet Jesus

The giving tree  It's hard to accept that Someone would give everything for us. Some perceive selflessness as a guilt trip. Others scoff at it as something impossible. We're independent. We're self-made. We're self-aware. We take what we need to live and be happy. Why can't God just leave us alone?

In the Vine… there is

No guilt.

No impossibility.

Just truth. In love. Love in a weary old stump.

Why is this so hard to accept? Why are we so afraid?

This is Brennan Manning's interpretation of Shel Silverstein's classic tale, "The Giving Tree". However
Coming Home Ministries looks or turns out, I want it to be a quiet
sanctuary… a heart of God's worship where slave and free, rich and poor, male and female, young and old come and receive and offer… a Giving Tree.

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