There is a Promise: You Will Never Go Without


I am sitting hear today broken-hearted. There are many things I do no understand in this world. In fact, most things in this world I don't understand. But one of the hardest things to wrap my head around is why believers around the world are so apathetic, tired and reluctant. Our Body is tired and wounded and scarred. You would think that this would be the PRIME state for the Lord God to work in! You power is made perfect in weakness. And yet… so many broken hearts.

And the pain the in world continues because we ourselves are destitute. Our Body is sick.

No admonishments. No lectures.

Just a plea:

Please God, in our brokenness, make beauty from pain and raise us up battle-scarred, bruised and weak. For a bent reed You will not break. Please, God… we need You.

Love (with Watoto Children's Choir)
~ Chris Tomlin

When our hope is hard to find
And our faith is in decline
We need a cause to
Stand behind – love
We all want the way it feels
Time it comes and time it steals
What remains what is real – love

There is love
There is forgiveness
There is love in times of need
When life is cold
There is a promise
You will never go without…
There is love

It heals the sick
Comforts the weak
Breaks the proud
Raises the meek
In this life no guarantees…

Love is the answer
Love will find a way
When we love one another
It's a brighter day


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