The Beating Heart of Worship

It's not good enough to reach out and drop a coin or two into a hat,
although that might change a life forever.
Mine perhaps?
It's not good enough to ladle re-warmed soup into a plastic bowl,
although that might fill a belly.
Yours perhaps?
It's not good enough to teach a impoverished mind letters and numbers,
although that could change the course of history.
Ours perhaps?
It's not good enough to make up a clean bed,
although that might save a arthritic body terrible pain.
Theirs perhaps?
Broken chains
It's not enough to break the chains,
although that might bring an instant of freedom.
Mine perhaps?
It's not enough to claim to live as Christ did,
although it is a commandment.
You perhaps?

It's not enough… it's not enough… it's not enough…

No, dear Lord!
These impoverished and enslaved live as our brothers and sisters!
They dwell where we dwell!
And we dwell with You.
Chains or no chains,
money or no money,
we are one under You, the One,
and I long to worship You alongside my brothers
my sisters
my family.

Here is why I ache to break their chains!
They are family!
The messy, discordant, incoherent, fumbling worship —
so violently pushed out of the clean, polished, neatly trimmed churches —
is the song of Your angels!
Bring me to Your heart.
For where You dwell,
they dwell.
And I dwell with family.

                                            ~ Erin Thomas Copyright_shadow 2010

Mary foot washing

"I want to live, truly live. I want to grow, to know the sustaining sap of the vine rushing through me, and to bring forth a fantastic abundance of fruit. I want my companions on the journey to be able to share that fruit, as I share theirs. Some day, when the journey's done and we've finally arrived home, all us little branches will hoist a glass with the Vinter Himself and with the Vine too. It'll be a well-aged, thoroughly intoxicating vintage — when held up to the light, a rich, deep, deep red."

"The challenge for the first world church in the twenty-first century is to radically reform itself, such that people who are poor are not merely objects of outreach efforts, but are found right at the heart of our worshipping communities."
                                                                ~ The Twenty Piece Shuffle, Greg Paul

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