Getch Yer People Here! $90 a Pop! (Or Ma, or Son, or Daughter)

Nfs banner The average cost of a slave around the world is $90. The average life span of a person while in slavery is 4 years.

Obviously the cost of a slave will increase or decrease depending on the location and what he/she is being bought/sold for. And because a person can be sold repeatedly, someone could buy a person for $10 and then sell their bodies the same night for $50/client. That's quite the money-maker.

On average, Canadian girls enter the sex trade between 12-14 years of age. If the average life span of a slave is 4 years, a girl could be dead by the time she's 18… just in time for her to reach adulthood. 

The above picture was designed by the Not For Sale Campaign. I find it to be very powerful. Without re-exploiting victims through "poverty porn" or "shock porn", it clearly resounds a worthy and true statement: YOU ARE NOT FOR SALE.

People aren't merchandise. People aren't cattle. People aren't disposable. 

People are made in the image of God — Imago Dei.

Join us at the Not For Sale Campaign ( and help us re-abolish slavery in our lifetime.

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