Blast from the Past

Amy-grant  Okay… I'll admit it. I had a childhood/teenage obsession with Amy Grant. For some it was Metallica, for others Michael Jacakson. I had Amy.

For all her life's ups and downs, for all of what people think of her, much of her music could be found repeating itself over and over and over again quietly in my tiny bedroom helping create the retreat I needed. Her song "Lead Me On" has been exceptionally inspirational. Between my insatiable thirst for Greek mythology (starting around age 10 and lasting a couple years) and some more occultic ideas and patterns I found delicious, Amy's lyrics often kept me from going over the brink. Not because they were exceptionally profound or acoustically tremendous. More rather, it was a link to the normal and I idolized her. She had light while I explored fanatically the darkness.

Okay, enough with my strange childhood fixations.

I found this video featuring "Lead Me On"… its images are ones I always envisioned whenever I heard the song (don't mind the subtitles). This is my prayer: Oh God… lead me on… into the fields, the trains, the camps, the streets, the hidden places and the open places. Jesus… lead me on. Lead us all on.



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