Instant Sex


The ad speaks for itself. Currently only available for Android phones, MiKandi is working on having the app available for other devices like iPhone.

Adult apps. They're a no-brainer. Sex in books, TV, movies, Internet, clubs, peep shows, brothels, strip joints… of course we'd develop ways to have it on our phones. Am I alone in thinking our culture is absolutely insatiable? Or… as I've postulated before… does media like MiKandi only market that we're insatiable and we buy into it?

I digress. There's a reason for this blog.

Adult apps… I was doing some research on human trafficking trends when this site popped up on one of my searchers: "Hot or Not". It's a social-sexual application for your iPhone where you can build a profile and rate "hotties" online. Not only that, but you can hook up on the go. Find out who else is using the app, and if they're close by — instant sex.

The scary thing about this website was I didn't sign into it — I don't even own an iPhone — and yet somehow pictures of girls within hours from where I live were posted in living color. I didn't even have to do anything. The site did all the work for me.

So I did a couple tests. I asked a fellow abolitionist who lives in North Carolina to click on this site and see if it did the same thing for her: show her available people using the app in her own region.

It did.

Taking a deep breath, I typed in the town where I live and voila… girls even closer to home and in town. One face I recognized.

To download, you have to click one button claiming you are over 18. Yeah… like that's a brick wall to get past.

This is a predator's playground.

People get horny, grab their cell phones, find a close hook up and sex in minutes (or seconds if a profile pops up that a guy/girl is in the same bar, club, party).

When both parties are consenting adults, it's hard to get people to give their heads a shake rather than their booties. Guys get revved up fast enough as it is. With the promise of instant sex, it will be that much faster. Girls, taking a little longer, fantasize about sex to rev up and are also in a heightened physical and emotional state.

What happens when one party backs out and says: "No." ?

I'd like to think the jilted hook up would take several deep breaths, perhaps a cold shower and back down. But rapes are under-reported. What I'd like to think is most likely not the case.

Furthermore, when children download adult apps and play around with them not knowing the danger that's out there, do I really need to paint a picture of what all could happen?

Prey on the move… TOWARDS the traffickers. Faster than Craigslist. Faster than the laptop. Log in to Hot or Not at school, click on a profile down the street, leave the school and… poof. Gone.

The degrading practice of rating other people online doesn't even deserve a response.

Parents… watch for apps like these on your kids' phones. If you use them personally, know that who you're hooking up with may not be there willingly. Know that your kids might be using your phone apps too. Know that this whole method is dynamite and very well can cost lives.

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