CBC News – Edmonton – Adult massage workers defend business

"The adult massage worker who spoke with CBC said she believes
licenced massage parlours in commercial areas, like the one in which
she works, serve an important purpose.

'There is a lot of weirdos that come in here, and you know what? We
take care of them inside here. If it wasn't for us, God only knows what
they'd be doing out there.'

What's happening in the lives of exploiters who feel such an insatiable urge that they have to pay these important service workers just to get through life?

Sex is like drugs. Addiction demands more and more. Those weirdos referred to in the quotation will want more. Whatever they're doing with the massage parlour workers, they will want more from wherever they can get it. These workers are feeding a frenzy.

With the amount of trafficking in the sex industry, who is there to trust when these workers speak out? Even if all seems legal?

Edmonton exploiters… give your heads a shake. Buying sex from these women who claim they would be out on the street with their children if it weren't for you is still perpetuating a vicious cycle. Your sexual needs aren't the centre of the universe.

CBC News – Edmonton – Adult massage workers defend business.

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