Taking Off The Black Square

Survivor protection. It's intrinsic to abolition. To protect the innocent, we blur faces or place a boxy black rectangle in front of the eyes.

The eyes. It's always the eyes.

We want victims to survive, thrive and soar! But to do that, they need to be protected.

It is we who must remove our black rectangles. We can no longer walk down the street thinking all is well… that this isn't happening… seeing only what we want to see.


Take it off. Rip it away from your face. It will burn, it will sting, it will smart. You will be shocked, you will be tormented, you will be devstated. 

You will be utterly ruined.

But devstation is a beautifully painful part of transformation. Embrace it. Ache for it. Scream for it.

I would not ask you to take the blinders off if there was no hope.

There is hope. There is a glorious Presence here… now… working in the darkest places of our world even if we cannot imagine Him being there. 


"Why doesn't He stop it? Why doesn't God DO SOMETHING!?"

He did. He has.

The Christmas Hope is the Hope of Death. His birth signified His death and ultimately, the death of sin. The Christmas Hope is not the hearth of home. The Christmas Hope is the Hope of Death's Death.

And us?

Take the blinders off.

God IS doing something. He's asking you to see what cannot be seen. He's asking you to rip away the square and witness what seems so fearful and loathsome to you.

Come… take a corner of it. It will take but a moment. Ready… 1… 2… 3…



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