Dear Santa, I Want to Be A Pole Dancer When I Grow Up

Let's dive right in, shall we?

On the one hand, we want to make sex-related topics easy for our children to approach us about. Any question, anytime, anywhere. They can trust us. And we will be open and honest and wise about their ages, learning abilities, and curiosities and fair to their well being. We don't want to suppress what's been suppressed for centuries to humanity's detriment.


On the other hand, we want to protect our children from all harm, including sexual harm. Who had the bright idea to think about, design and produce a brightly flashing pole-dancing doll for small children? I think my saying that I'm appalled should really go without saying. 

We are NOT sending a message of sexual freedom or one of women being free to choose the sex industry as a legitimate profession. No… we are sending yet more messages of CHILDREN being used as sex objects, and that this message is OKAY. We are exploiting children and women around the world as we teach little ones from kindergarten up that twisting and turning around a pole for someone else's paid amusement is somehow… acceptable. 

Oh yes. There's more.

Try this shirt on your kids for size:


This is a TODDLER size. There are sizes for young girls up to pre-pubescent. This isn't cute, this isn't funny, this isn't in any way, shape or form approrpriate in raising our children with any kind of savvy sexual acumen. This is disgusting. Consenting adults do what they do between themselves, but flaunting messages like this across the chests of 2 year olds is obscene. Many prosecuted pedophiles have admitted to sexualized nature of our children is what fuels their fantasies. Little girls or boys (pre-adolescence) dressed provocatively is a magnet for them. Push-up or pump-up training bras for 11-12 year old girls would be a good example of over-sexualizing our children before their time.

Think we're done? NO! We're only just beginning! If cutsy pole dancing dolls or nipple shirts don't do it for you or your kids, how about some stuffed STI's?

Stuffed sti 

Little sexually transmitted germs to play with. Cool. How fun. I'm not sure I can even express in words the ludicrous monstrosity these fuzzy friends are. What's next? An AIDS playmate?

Check out some of the other toys that people seem to think are appropriate for their offspring. I encourage you now, keep talking to your kids about sex, safer sex, and make yourselves trusted adults in whom they can confide. Help them understand abstinence is NOT a dirty word and that there is a time and place for sex.

But literally playing with it in kindergarten is NOT that time nor the place. I, for one, value our children far more than these toymakers. Children are not sexual fantasies nor should be subjected to having and/or being those fantasies to anyone. Want to know where trafficking starts? It starts like all desires start: with a thought. What a great way to keep demand high: keep the exploiters thinking all the time about little children sexually exploited. Great idea. For sure.



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