Sex tourism is the pastime where those with money and demand travel elsewhere in the world or within their own countries and, in between seeing the sights, playing the slots and lying on beaches, pay for sexual slaves.

Don't be so shocked.

It's a growing industry that occurs in major hotel chains around the world; not just in the unmentionable seedy dives in the red light district.

Amanda Kloer, abolitionist affiliated with, has posted an e-petition demanding that major hotel chains (like Choice Hotels) expunge all such activity within their establishments. Why? No one wants another tragedy like 5-year old Shaniya Davis being sold for sex in a Comfort Inn in North Carolina.

It is an American petition, but to all Canadian and international readers: please sign. The field that requires a State, click on "CA". Technically, that stands for California  but place your postal cose in the zip code field and the good people at will be able to tell who's from where.

Change_org-screenshot is a blogsite for activists to report on current issues, and give a voice to the average citizen to make his/her voice heard. I'll be honest: I don't agree with all the stands takes. But that would defeat the purpose if I did. Being able to think and believe for myself is critical in building my spiritual, moral and ethical foundation. Not only that, but that foundation must move me to pertinent and compassionate action. Otherwise all my stands stand for nothing.

And let's not be naive.

It's happening in Canada too. The True North Strong and Free has its share of sexual demand and has a rampant sex industry. People often think we're known for our politeness and caring around the world. Believe me… we are also building a reputation of being sexual exploiters.

It must stop here in Canada too.


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