Breaking the Chains – (614) Magazine – Columbus, OH

Check it out! Kae Denino is a fabulously kind friend and dear woman who inpsired me when we met at the Abolitionists' Academy last spring. Here's her article about trafficking in Ohio. This tender woman has the heart of a tiger and fights fiercely for freedom. (and don't tell, but she has a penchant for trespassing on golf courses where signs say "No Trespassing") 🙂

Keep fighting the good fight, Kae!  

Breaking the Chains – (614) Magazine – Columbus, OH.

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  1. kae denino

    oh erin! someone just asked for a link to this article, and i just saw what you wrote! thank you so much. how is the good fight in canada? we are loving it down here, i’m working with doma international–fighting from all the angles, but especially restoration of our awesome survivors. much much much love and be in touch soon, i’m every day at
    oh, AND i just had twins. seriously. write soon and tell me how you are.


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