James Delorey – Getting the Word Out

James delorey  Part of the role of the Underground Railroad is to bring light to dark places. I can't imagine any darker place than that of losing a child. Furthermore, a child lost to dark places is a thing we all shudder at and pray it never happens to one of our own.

I do not know James Delorey nor do I know his family. But a friend of mine knows the family. They are all beside themselves with angst. And what can I say? There are no words that would offer sufficient comfort during this ordeal. What can I do? I'm not in Nova Scotia as I'd like to be helping search with the hundreds of others, helping serve soup and coffee to those who are looking 24/7 for this precious boy and his dog.

Being autistic, James does not respond verbally to people. This makes the search that much harder. Pray for those turning Nova Scotia on its back to find this young one, pray for James that he would be found safe and sound, and pray for the family as they await news of their son's return. While prayer may seem frustrating and feeble to some, we are assured that the prayers of the righteous are both powerful and effective.

We join with the thousands of others who are boldly approaching the throne of grace on behalf of the life of James Delorey.

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