The Girl Effect

GirleffectIt was on Oprah today. Now you know when the Queen of Daytime Talk unveils a topic or subject on her show, it MUST be newsworthy. Yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek as I do not have much faith in the Oprah craze. But I will hand it to her: she has brought attention to world issues that otherwise would go unnoticed. And a lonely girl married off at the age of 11 in Ethiopia is certainly one that would certainly go unnoticed.

The Girl Effect – it starts with one girl. One girl who starts with one cow. One cow who starts producing healthy milk to be sold in that one girl's community. One day's profit turns to one week's profit, that turns into one month's, one year's. One girl returns to one school to receive one educaction. One cow turns into one herd and one girl with the one education has one business that sustains her family and her community.

It all starts with a girl.

Just one.

Never thought one girl could make such a big difference, huh?

Check it out:



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