Love 146 — Children With Forgotten Names

Meet 146 — a young girl sold into a brothel, name erased, and number given.


Meet Love146 — an organization dedicated to fighting child sex trafficking around the world. Upon seeing how children were being bought into brothels, having identities stolen, and replaced by nothing but numbers, the founders of Love146 began this amazing organization dedicated to prevention and aftercare. Take a look at some of the amazing projects they have founded so far! 

Love146 round home   
Love146 therapy treehouse

Love146 seeks to develop innovative and creative ways of reaching out to children who have suffered abuse, trauma, neglect and brainwashing. As you can see, their ideas are most definitely "outside the box" so to speak. A round house and an open air TREEHOUSE for therapy. Tree climbing has been a child's favourite pastime the world over! What better place to begin healing than in the arms of a tree?

Take a look at the history and vision of this amazing group of people and see how you can become an abolitionist today.




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