The Most Voiceless Amongst Us

"It is a pity to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."
~ Mother Theresa

The Stupak Amendment to the current abortion law in the US has people up in arms. Of course… would we have expected otherwise? Pro-choice advocates are upset because it is now harder for poorer women in the USA to access abortions, thus creating a black market for such medical procedures.

First of all… an abortion is not a medical procedure. It's murder. A child is a human child at conception and to destroy that life is nothing short of first-degree, pre-meditated murder. We talk about women's rights… if the baby is female, what about her rights? Regardless of gender, what about the baby's basic human rights that we all squwak about when our own toes are stepped on?

If you want to argue the point of who should live and who should die, check out my post about Gianna Jessen — the girl who survived being burned alive for 18 hours in a botched saline abortion. Tell it to HER face that she has no right to live.

Yes… women are raped. Yes… children are born with disabilities and malformations. Yes… children are born into circumstances that are impoverished, heinous and seemingly hopeless.

We cannot place ourselves in the minds of desperate people, trying to righteously convince them that abortion is wrong when their own lives are tearing them apart. We need to love them… support them… come alongside them. Accosting them at the entrance of abortion clinics may NOT be the best tactic… in fact, after working with women who have had abortions, I can say with more certainty: it's REALLY not the best tactic.

However, circumstances cannot dictate the execution of a baby. Life, as given by God, exists at a altogether different level than our human plight. By choosing to destroy it, we cause far more grievous damage than by bringing a disadvantaged child into the world. Besides… in our limited scope of the grand scheme of things, who are we to dare say that any child is 'disadvantaged'?

By far and away, however, abortion is used for convenience. Get rid of the tissue, get rid of the problem. No fuss, no muss.


Unborn children cannot speak. We are their voices. I abhor the fact that my taxpayers dollars go towards women choosing to murder. It's obscene. I cannot imagine the suffering those children endure… and the rejection. That's what abortion is about ultimately: "I don't want you."

Too many women suffer with guilt after having abortions and where are the compassionate people then? The pro-choicers AND the pro-lifers seem to melt away into the darkness leaving the woman to pick up the pieces and go on with life.

This whole blog is about speaking out for those who can't speak out for themselves. There are none so vulnerable and voiceless than the unborn. Speak for them. Love them.

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