“Journey” with Emma Thompson

   Emma_Thompson  I've always loved Emma Thompson… from Sense and Sensibility to Much Ado About Nothing to Harry Potter to Stranger than Fiction to even yes… Nanny McPhee. Her screen presence has always been one of British poise crossed with untold depths plus a dubious impishness that threatens to squash that staunchy Brit propriety to smithereens.

In the past couple of years, Emma's been working on a new project: an art show titled "Journey". Upon discovering sex slavery happening in her own jolly ol' London towne, Emma worked to help launch this portrayal of modern-day slavery that would leave even the oldest abolitionist breathless. It is graphic, horrific, destructive, constructive, abstract and yet terrifyingly concrete. It begs many questions such as "Do we really need to see this to believe that slavery happens?" or "Do exhibits like this truly do justice and honour to the victims or perpetuate our own horror and need for catharsis?"… and so on.

It's getting people talking.

All I can say is… I hope it comes to the Royal Alberta Musuem (fat chance but fingers crossed).



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