Child Brides and Prized Sons

Child brides and mail-order brides ARE a form of slavery. China is in an especially difficult situation due to its one-child law + male children being favoured above females. As you can see below, business is booming sadly. What kind of help can be offered here? What is 'culture' and what is 'culture-used-as-an-excuse-to-exploit'?…

Chinese police rescue 2,000 kidnapped children

More than 2,000 Chinese children have been rescued by police in a six-month campaign against human trafficking.

ChinesePolice_1511905c Chinese police have found 2,008 children who were kidnapped by human traffickers since the campaign was launched in April Photo: AFP 

The police have found 2,008 children, some just a few months old, who were kidnapped by human traffickers since the campaign was launched in April. Hundreds of arrests have also been made and 42 suspects were detained last week for allegedly selling 52 children in the north of China.

Thousands of children go missing each year in China. Male children are more highly-prized, thanks in part to the one-child policy, and there is a thriving market in young boys, who can sell for as much as 40,000 yuan (£3,600).

However, human traffickers also kidnap girls in order to sell them as brides in areas where there is a high ratio of men to women. Some families also sell their female children in order to be able to try again for a boy.The children of migrant workers, or peasants in the Chinese countryside, are often targeted by the gangs.

In a bid to reunite the kidnapped children with their families, a website, called "Babies looking for a home" has been set up.

The photographs and descriptions of around 60 children have been posted, in the hope that their parents will recognise them and step forward.

The site includes the date they were rescued and a contact number for the police station in charge of their case. It is unclear from the site when the children were found by the authorities

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