The Inspiration Series Part 1- Gianna Jessen

Human trafficking… slavery… it's tough to read about all the time. Trust me. I do that. All the time. As someone with Aspergers's, it's my special interest so while it can be heartbreaking, zeroing on all the information I can get is part of my nature. Most days I even have a hard time not bringing slavery into every conversation I have at some point. It can drive people crazy.

As a servant of Christ, I want every single fellow believer to come alongside in this fight and help set the captives free. It's a burning mantle Christ has placed upon my shoulders (mixed metaphor intended) and He's cranking up the heat. But I must say that above everything else, I love serving my Lord — the Creator and Redeemer of the universe. There's no place else I'd rather be.

Still… slaves, child labour, commercial sexual exploitation of children… just those images alone can bring someone down, let alone reading about it every single post. Thus I have started 'The Inspiration Series' — blogs about people who have inspired me and the world with their bravery, compassion, authenticity and stickability. They may not necessarily have anything to do with fight against slavery, but their mark on this hurting world is unmistakable, burned into our collective soul like a brand.

The first in our series of inspiration? Gianna Jessen… 32 years old. Mild cerebral palsy. World speaker and singer. And… abortion survivor. Gianna's biological mother had a saline abortion when she was 7 1/2 months pregnant which forced Gianna to be burned inside and out for 18 hours. Yet she was born alive without scarring. Responding to constant doubts of her story, her medical history has been authenticated by authorities again and again. Even President Obama has tried to decry her in his campaigns… this supposed unwanted fetal mass.

Gianna jessen

If anyone can hear her story and still declare that a fetus is not a child — the smallest of human beings — then there are no more words to be spoken. As Gianna says, "If this is about women's rights, then where were my rights?"


This world would certainly be far less bright if Gianna had died nameless lump of tissue.



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