“The Dream Team”-The Global Forum Part 3

Brant Christopher, Jon Foreman, and Bradley Corrigan

Yes… that is Jon Foreman from Switchfoot. And yes… when he did his solo portion, he sang "Dare You To Move". In this photo, the three boys are singing "Amazing Grace" together using a smooth bluesy-rock sound that matched the easy, laid back feel of the evening and yet packed that powerful punch peculiar to the age-old hymn. We all stood. We all sang along. (We stopped short of breaking out into Kumbiya and holding hands, but you get the idea.) It was a grand ol' time in what felt like the Abolitionists' Living Room.

I must admit that I become quite suspicious of the intention of artists when they attach themselves to a cause. What better publicity than to champion the cause of little children in bondage? But I have to hold myself in check knowing that I cannot be the judge and jury of the human motive. And to be honest, with the blood, sweat and tears and testimony these guys put out before, during and after the Abolitionist Concert, I was convinced that the fight against slavery was more than just a free photo op for them. Their passion was genuine and their expression through music was touching, intelligent, harsh, and raw. Their authenticity won me over.

Good job, boys. Thank you.

IMG_1613  Jon Foreman singing "Dare You To Move"

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