“The New Paradigm”-The Global Forum Part 2

Social entrepreneurship, corporations taking responsibility around the world for slave labour in their supply chains, finding/training national entrepreneurs, creating sustainable projects… sounds too good to be true. In all honesty, the cynical portion of my brain is screaming that it is.

However… David Arkless of Manpower, Inc., would say that through grit and sheer determination, companies will come to see that we can no longer use people like we have been to produce whatever we want when we want it.

IMG_1643 David Arkless

Likewise Jon Ormesher, who sat on one of our breakout panel sessions and is a key player in international social entrepreneurship, has said that our current model of business is no longer working. It feeds slavery. In my head I'm thinking "d'uh", but to hear this from a high powered businessman was a huge thing.

John ormesher John Ormesher

New Business Paradigm:

What People Living on $1-$2/day Can Afford + Sustainability = Price

This flies in the face of climbing the corporate ladder at all costs.


We need more things flying in our faces.

For deeper insight into social philanthropy and corporate responsibility, watch the conversation between David Arkless (Manpower Inc) and David Batstone (Not For Sale).


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