A Tip of The Hat to Garth

Cereal box

I was given some good advice today to bring some more personal touches to the blog… some information that would put a face behind the cause…

Well… here's the face. On a cereal box. As long as the cereal is Fair Trade/Organic and the little toy inside was carved by a respectably paid aged Buddhist monk rather than 6 year old children in China, I thought "What the heck?" It's a button classic. Cool beans.

Yes… I have "Erin-isms" that have perplexed people since I could remember but for the life of me I can't imagine why. A personal vocabulary creates scope, no? Not to mention conversation pieces… like a misshapen coffee table or a funny shaped carrot.

Aspies have a tendency to focus on 'special interests' — interests so narrow that we inundate people with information until they're on overload but we're still just gearing up. In this instance, outside my passion for Christ and His kingdom in combatting trafficking, it's all trafficking, slavery, trafficking, Fair Trade, slavery, trafficking and oh yes! More trafficking… lots of issues, not enough people knowing about them… lots to catch up on. MUCH WORK TO DO PEOPLE. But is there no fun in this ministry?

Fun… what is this FUN you speak of?


Making this blog personal?

This is a TRAFFICKING blog! Not a personal blog! It's about the cause in the name of Christ! Not me…


I do have a liking for some well made butter chicken.

Oh yeah… butter chicken… with some spiced jasmine rice. Dang! Now I'm hungry.

Perusing used bookstores and finding that one book I'd never thought I'd ever find again in my life.

Talking long nighttime walks or walks in the rain.

Using fine tipped pens to write in my handmade journal, using long strokes to feel the tip glide across the paper creating art as well as writing… (did I mention I was a geek?)

I do write… poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction. Since I was a child, words poured through my mind and heart and I loved the feeling of my hand moving across the page taking the world out of my head and putting it to paper. There's really nothing like it in the world.

I love Victor Hugo… Les Miserables is one of my favourite novels of all time. The Last of the Just, The Perelandra Trilogy, The Oath (Wiesel's book, not Peretti's). I love John Piper and Walter Wangerin Jr. I'm hooked on Sergei Lukanyenkov (oh those Russians!).

I could spend the night away with good friends talking theology in a favourite cafe (and a few of those reading this will know which cafe of which I speak).

I could wander the Romanian countryside and never come out again living only on sarmale and fresh bread.

I love having my youth groups girls come over and we have chocolate cake eating races — hands behind your backs, lying belly flat on the floor… good times.

But… (and don't tell)… I'm hooked on Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novel series. That's right… comic books. Yuck it up all you snobby literary blokes. It's bloody fine reading in my estimation. And I LOVED the movie Coraline!

Simple never meant easy.

Laughter can be the best medicine but strangely enough can also work as a poison.

Invisible friends don't always go away after you grow up.

You don't always necessarily grow up.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

And above all… clowns are evil. A menace. A scourge upon the planet that must be wiped out. I truly have a strange and irrational fear and digust of clowns. Red noses… poofy wigs… just how many of them do they REALLY think they can fit into those creepy cars anyway?


Birds have hit lists against various human, including myself. They have a Mafia. I will die by beak or wing, I am sure.

I love all sorts of music but am currently enjoying Gustav Holsts' "The Planets".

And I love Jesus. Adonai, Ishi, Rabbi… in a light personal blog entry like this, I don't want to get TOO deep at the moment. But His Life is my Life. I breathe because He is alive.

I am fully able to be eccentrically quirky because I am His child.

Gosh, God has a strange sense of humour.

He did put my face on a cereal box, after all.

And that led to butter chicken. God… to butter chicken. Meh… it works.

Thanks for the advice, Garth and Cara. Despite what you might think, you know how to offer advice without the sting. And for me… that means the world.

Let's go get some butter chicken and spend some well needed time at Higher Ground.


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