Turning Pros Into Cons

In response to my last post, people want to know what my personal stance was on the legalization of prostitution.



Galatians 5 verse 1

There are those who would see prostitution as a respectable profession. If one can make money off of it, have a healthy lifestyle and outlook, who are we to judge?

I think I've stopped counting the number of stories I've heard from sex trade workers who have been stripped of their integrity, stability, esteem and future even without violence… rape… For some reason, sex has this power over the human race to kill and destroy. Even as it was meant to build up a couple in God, providing life and connection, taken out of context even through choice causes corrosion and death.

The numbers also show that where prostitution is made legal, trafficking… violence… rape… goes UP. Where would a trafficker take his goods? To a legalized country of course! It makes sense! If people are so desperate for sexual gratification, then there is plenty of supply for the demand.

In order to access healthcare… benefits… and all those "perks" pro-legalization advocates would hark as advances in society, one must be a legal citizen. Many trafficking victims do not have legal papers… they don't even exist as people in any country… they do not qualify for the perks. In the eyes of the world, they do no exist.

I am against the legalization of prostitution. But let me explain that a bit: we need judicial and social reform in terms of combatting trafficking. Instead of arresting prostitutes, we need to focus on bringing to justice those who engage in the buying and selling — pimps, johns, traffickers, etc.

This stance gets a little murky because many people sold into prostitution commit criminal acts, whether through the need to survive, or because they were never taught any differently, or because they willfully choose to so or a combination thereof. But is prison really the place for a woman who was forced to pose for pictures against her will? Is prison really the place for a college girl choosing to work as an exotic dancer to pay her way through school, only to be forced to sleep with clients instead?

Who's really responsible here?


Prison life has a culture all of its own. My father worked in the provincial correctional system for as long as I can remember. I know what goes on 'behind the walls'. While incarceration has its place, I don't believe it's THE place for prostitututes, especially when johns walk free and pimps escape. Victims are placed there and come out criminals.

But no amount of social reform will stand the test of time or break the chains of slavery without a solid spiritual upheaval. We need to change our own perceptions… mindsets… judgements… prejudices… guilt trips…

We need to pray that God will lead through wisdom and compassion what to do, how to respond and how to prepare.

No numbers.

No stats.

No psychology.

No head games.


Tough, battled-hardened, small, bruised faith. Faith that is turned into kingdom action.

No chain can be broken fully unless our struggle is founded upon Christ.


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