Dreams of the Dead

This is Martin Luther King's full length version of his history-making "I Have Dream" speech. I'll admit… I was moved to tears.

Let freedom reign.

Let freedom rain.

Let it reign… let it rain…

But pretty words don't make dreams come true. I have a dream. A big one. I dream to see captives… slaves… traffickers… walk out of their bondage and be set free by the loving power of Jesus Christ. North American… South American… Central American… African… Asian… European… Australian… all colours… all nations… all tribes…

"Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord…"

If dreams were made of but lovely words moving the heart to inspiration, then all men at one time or another have succeeded in achieving their dreams.

But pretty words are not the stuff dreams are made of.

True dreams thrum from the very heartbeat of God. And they do not always mesh with our lofty expectations of life. True dreams are realized in blood… tears… weeping… work… laments… small gains with huge losses. True dreams are realized long after the dreamers die.

We die. But it is not the dreams that live on. Dreams cannot live without a Source. It is the Source who lives on to germinate the seeds of our dreams. It is the Source who grants life — to us, to dreams, to everything "on earth as it is in heaven".

Yes, I have a dream. My eyes see the Spirit of Christ and I am drawn to His character and Life more than oxygen. In this place of meeting, a dream is granted. Perhaps it is a gift. Perhaps it is a curse. Perhaps it is greater than what I can see or sense or feel. But if this is the heartbeat of God, then here I will remain and dream what the Spirit would paint in my soul. Do I expect to see my dream fully realized before I die?


But there is no fear in saying that. My greatest hope is to see my Jesus face-to-face with as many emancipated souls as possible. Not through my work or my own will, but through the will of the One who sends us. However the tragedy of my dream plays out, it will be won. It will live.

Let freedom reign.

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