The Axe Effect

WARNING… this blog contains offensive material.

But we see this warning displayed everywhere anyway, so why do we bother with disclaimers like this at all? I've entitled this entry as "The Axe Effect" — Axe Body Spray being a line of male fragrances that, if the ads are to be believed, will draw every woman from every corner of the earth to literally fall upon men and perform every primal, desirable act imaginable.

Axe-effect-ad 1

I don't know about you, but as a woman I don't like ads that portray us as nothing but nasally controlled beasts ready to give a hand job to a smelly stranger.

At this point you're probably thinking: "it's just advertising"… "it's just a gimmick"… "who takes this stuff seriously?"

An advertising agency's cop-out. We, the consumers, are the ones who respond. The responsibility is all ours… so the ad agencies would say. Neat way to wash one's hands of cultural trends.

Sex is a God-given drive. The need resides in procreation and the desire lies in the connection — physical/emotional/spiritual. Our bodies and minds and hearts tell us instinctively that this is a part of who we are. We need sex.

But let me put a theory out to you: what if… just what IF… there SO MUCH advertising and selling of sex, that we are now convinced that we need it far more than we really do? Have we convinced ourselves that our libidos are so incredibly manic, that if we don't get laid we're going to die? In the attempt to break free from old societies subjecting sex to unbiblical taboos (which I believe was necessary), have we justified our 'need' for sex toys, sex swings, sex stores on every corner (rivalling the number of McDonalds' restaurants in the US), porn, prostitution, swing bars, internet adultery sites, 3-ways… and the list goes on and on.

And on.

It's funny too. "Zach and Miri Make A Porno"… "American Pie" (the whole series)… Sex Drive (unrated)… Family Guy… American Dad… Two and a Half Men… sex is HILARIOUS!!! Some would claim that we mock what we fear. To a certain extent I believe this is true. But with the sexual craze that has swept our culture, pure animal lust is dominating our fear and we find it funny… and triumphant. Joke about a penis and the ratings go up. When was the last time we heard a really funny joke about the jujenum?

This is a part of who we are! Embrace it! Live for today! Experiment! Have fun! Get off! YOU NEED THIS! THIS IS YOUR RIGHT! DON'T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY FOR WHAT'S TOTALLY NATURAL!

Uh… what's totally natural is making billions of dollars off of us every single year. What's totally natural is spreading diseases at phenomenal rates. What's totally natural is preying on underage victims. What's totally natural is being used… abused… maltreated… mocked… preyed on… and destroyed. What's totally natural has been warped to become something completely unnatural and rampant.

Those considering themselves 'free thinkers' would say I am falling back on old religious and cultural norms to suppress an urge that has evolved over millions of years. Hardly. I consider myself a very open thinker. And what I see are men and women racing to fill their lives with sexual binging. And few care what they do to the others involved until after the fact.

If we're told long enough that our sex drives are really on hyperdrive, we'll believe it. And we do. Look at how fast we hand over the cash. Whether we need a little titter with Cosmo or log on to a porn site, we'll get however we feel we need it.

Until we have the balls (pun intended) to stand up and say: "we are sexual beings, but we are NOT sexual animals", companies will continue to churn out fantasies, porn, movies, toys, parties, strippers, dancers, fetishes… and people who may or may NOT have chosen to sleep with we, the clients.

Until we say STOP, THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE… more degradation will come. And we will believe it all to be natural… and all within our rights. The Axe Effect will continue… chopping away at our integrity and sense of value as human beings.

I don't know about you, but I am pretty disgusted at something as useless and trivial as a male fragrance as a highway into a vagina.

Axe effect ad 2

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