“Organic” Doesn’t Mean “Fair Trade”

I wander down the aisles of the grocery store and feel a warm sense of triumph as more and more companies reveal their "organic" products. Safer, right? Healthier? Of course! Or is it…

Ever hear of "The Green Scheme"?

Companies slap on green or brown labels on their products and people naturally assume these products are safer, healthier and environmentally friendly. Our hurried little brains makes all the assumptions when really… certain products haven't met the criteria to be called 'organic'. Furthermore, even truly organic foods are not automatically 'Fair Trade'.


Yes… it's true. I'd much rather be eating chicken that's not pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. But I'd also rather be eating produce that's grown and harvested under conditions where all people AND the environment are treated with respect. Harvesting immigrants, migrant workers, children and other vulnerable people groups is not acceptable farming. Not even close! It can't even be called acceptable human behaviour! How can I preach how great it is that these food products are organic but hide the fact that they were produced under abusive, deceptive and morose conditions? It's hypocritical.

Be wary of fruits and veggies farmed and transported from South/Central America and California, USA. As Canadians, there seems to be less labour trafficking in our agribusiness industry but that could also be due to the fact the no one's really been looking.

BUY LOCAL!!! If you know the farmer next door, support him/her!

SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS' MARKETS!!! Generally family owned/operated farms and orchards will have a greater chance of being truly organic and slave-free.

COMMUNITY GARDENS!! Don't have time/space to plant an entire garden yourself? Find out if your community has a communal garden where you could plant a row or two.

These are small steps… but again… we're bringing light to small places in a big world. Many little lights create a brilliance many have not stopped to imagine.

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