A Prayer At Night

Broken chains God? Why are our heaviest chains the ones we cannot see? The key has been turned, the manacles have clanged to the floor, the prison door has creaked wide open… freedom. Why are the harshest masters the ones we cannot fight with flesh and blood, and yet it is our blood that is at stake?

I have no profound words, Lord. I have no wisdom. I have no answers.

But here are my hands and I lift them before You, nervously holding those chained down, held captive, dying without air, without You.

For those children around the world forced to perform what most of us can hardly speak of, I pray for freedom.

For those parents who see no way of out poverty other than to sell their children, I pray for freedom.

For those people who bravely seek work and are deceived, abused, emprisoned and starved, I pray for freedom.

For those people who use… abuse… sell… buy… and utterly destroy the lives of men, women and children around the world, I pray for Your justice which is far above our own… and I pray for freedom.

For those of us who are here tonight crying for ways to stop the pain and free the prisoner, I pray for light in dark places, hands to the plows, prayers to the heavens… and I pray for freedom.

For all of us who suffer under the whips of masters unseen… addictions, abuse, sadness, poverty, scorn, fear, grief, tempation, disease… I pray for freedom.

Shadowed tree

Lord Jesus, tonight as I sit and wonder at the depth and confusion our hands have wrought, I ask for freedom… freedom to be used by You, freedom to wander the earth as You would send me, freedom to remain content where I am to speak of Your promise to set the captives free. Change who I am to be Your own light even in the darkest of places. And when those darkest of places are found to be in me, Light of very Light… free me. 


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