World’s Largest Chocolate Fondue Party!!!

Sometimes talk of slavery and human trafficking can drag a girl down… am I stating the obvious? Haha… probably.

40% of the world's cocoa is produced on the west coast of Africa in countries like Cote D'Ivoire. Child labour is common as is the buying and selling of children as merchandise. Stop The Traffik, a human rights agency in Britain, put out the call for us regular folk to host "THE WORLD'S LARGEST CHOCOLATE FONDUE PARTY". And we, the DOCK youth group of the Lac La Biche Evangelical Free Church, signed up!

Worlds largest chocolate fondue party poster

Last November (2008), we purchased Fair Trade chocolate, melted it down and HAD FUN! We learned about how cocoa is produced from bean to bar, how our demand for products like chocolate drive much of the labour bondage in the world today, and raised a few bucks.

We dipped EVERYTHING from jalpenos, to onions to GUM WRAPPERS (edible someone said?), to beef jerky to cookies to pretzels. To my surprise, the ONION was voted the tastiest chocolate dipper of the night! I took everyone's word on that one… I steered away from the onions.

It was a fun night and I'm proud of my gang!


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  1. Endangered Species Chocolate

    Hey this is a great idea, there’s no way to educate people on the benefits of fair trade than through their bellies. Everyone has to realize that they are voting for what they believe in with every purchase they make. You, the consumers, have all the power to stop human trafficking, slave labor, child labor, inhumane working conditions, etc. etc. We here at Endangered Species Chocolate think the actions you are taking are amazing, it’s great to see young people active in solving world problems, you are the future and you CAN make all the difference. Thank you all for supporting fair and ethical traded chocolate. For more information about Endangered Species Chocolate as a company, our mission, or our delicious premium chocolate products visit us at or email us at And as always…Savor Chocolate. Save Out Planet.
    Endangered Species Chocolate



    Yum! Chocolate jalapenos! I really appreciate chocolate and especially fair chocolate. sounds like your event was a success and can offer inspiration for others to do the same. I have a product, chocolate fountains that are decadent and delicious. There isn’t’ anything you can’t dip into chocolate, even if it is gum wrappers!


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