Welcome to the Underground Railroad. Since 2009, my focus has been creating awareness of human trafficking in our worlds and in our backyards. From reports of trafficking, to victim support, heroes & abolitionists, prayers, poems, political advocacy, and much more, I’ve traveled an incredible road. I’m grateful to all those people who have inspired me, challenged me, & educated me.

In the past few months, however, I’ve noticed my posts taking on new challenges and new perspectives. Broadening my scope from human trafficking, I’ve blogged about the LGBTQ community, spiritual and holistic approaches to community, and offered questions about the tough slugging of community. Contemplative life has often influenced my entries.

So while The Underground Railroad remains faithful to creating awareness about human trafficking, and support for those voices sharing their stories, my focus is shifting to sharing those songs from the underground — from all over. Thanks for being faithful readers. Onward!


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  1. Tarateng.wordpress.com

    I find your blog incredibly encouraging!! Keep being a voice for the voiceless!! We will see the abolition of slavery because our God stands for justice and protects the weak and vulnerable! He came to proclaim “freedom for captives” and give “life and life to the full”.
    Thank you for your abolitionist work.
    With Conviction,
    Tara Teng


  2. Mwpapabear

    I really enjoyed your “Dark Night of the Soul” reflections. It is encouraging me to explore/explain my own Dark Nights through the use of blogging. God Bless, Blessed Advent


  3. Sonia Vien

    Hey ,I currently just moved to Lac La Biche!!And its looks like your interested in alot of the same things I am!!–I am currently working on starting up a mazagine focused on world issues.. And i would love to hear about what your vision is and what you are currently doing? I am even possibly interested in perhaps having you write an article or even maybe interview you would love to hear from you!!


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